Coffee Ground Reading – How to take photos

Tips and Tricks

* For optimal visibility of the coffee grounds’ patterns, we recommend using a white or light-colored coffee cup and plate. This color provides a clean backdrop, allowing the patterns to stand out prominently and enhancing the accuracy of your coffee ground reading.

Coffee Cup

To ensure accurate and insightful coffee ground readings, it’s essential to take clear and well-lit photos of both the sides of the coffee cup and the plate. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you capture properly three photos or angles of your coffee cup:

  1. Side 1: Typically, this side is known as the front view of the cup and holds the most settled coffee grounds. Place the cup so that the front, with the most grounds, faces you. Capture it with a top-view shot, as demonstrated in the image below.
    Fay Spirits - Service, Coffee Ground Reading, Coffee Cup Side 1
  2. Side 2: Rotate the coffee cup to the right of the front view and capture a well-lit, clear photo, as demonstrated in the image below.
    Fay Spirits - Service, Coffee Ground Reading, Coffee Cup Side 2
  3. Side 3: Finally, rotate the coffee cup to reveal the remaining side. Capture a photo from this angle, ensuring that the patterns on the coffee grounds are clearly visible, as demonstrated in the image below.
    Fay Spirits - Service, Coffee Ground Reading, Coffee Cup Side 3

Coffee Plate

  1. Spread the Coffee Grounds: If you poured the coffee grounds onto the plate, tilt the plate vertically, allowing the coffee grounds to naturally spread out. Maintain a gentle and steady motion to ensure even distribution across the plate’s surface.
  2. Settle the Grounds: Allow the coffee grounds to settle for a moment to form distinctive patterns. Avoid disturbing the coffee grounds during this time to maintain the integrity of the patterns.
  3. Close-Up Shot: Take a close-up shot of the coffee grounds on the plate. Ensure the camera focuses on the patterns to capture them with clarity and detail.
    Fay Spirits - Service, Coffee Ground Reading, Plate Top View Capture

Tips to take well-captured photos

  1. Lighting: Use natural light or well-diffused indoor lighting to avoid harsh shadows and ensure accurate colors.
  2. Background: Place the coffee cup and plate on a simple, clean and uncluttered surface. A plain background will allow the patterns to stand out clearly.
  3. Stability: Steadiness is crucial for clear photos. Rest your hands to minimize camera shake and avoid blurry photos.
  4. Close-up Shots: For detailed patterns, take close-up shots of the coffee grounds within the cup and on the plate. Ensure the camera focuses on the coffee grounds for clarity.
  5. Coffee Cup Angles: Take at least 2-3 photos of the coffee cup from different angles, capturing all sides of the cup. Make sure the entire cup is visible in each photo.
  6. Plate Patterns: For the plate, focus on capturing the unique patterns formed by the remaining coffee grounds.
  7. Centering: Aim to center the coffee cup and plate within the frame for a balanced and visually appealing composition.
  8. Image Format: Choose a high-resolution image format (JPEG, PNG, etc.) to maintain image quality during the submission process.
  9. Review: Before submitting the photos, review each image to ensure they are clear and that the patterns are visible.
  10. If you’re using a smartphone, tap on the screen to focus on the cup before taking the photo.
  11. Take multiple shots for each angle to ensure you have clear and well-composed images to choose from.

By following these steps, you’ll provide our skilled Tasseographers with the necessary details to offer you a personalized and insightful coffee ground reading experience. Your photos will play a significant role in unlocking the hidden messages within the coffee grounds, guiding you on your path to self-discovery and empowerment.

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