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    By purchasing our intuitive reading service, the buyer acknowledges and willingly grants permission for the reader to connect energetically, either on themselves or on a third party, solely for the purpose of conducting the reading. This permission is extended with the understanding that the energetic connection is established with utmost respect, sensitivity, and ethical considerations, with the sole intention of providing insightful and meaningful readings.

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Welcome to our Online Coffee Ground Reading Service, where the ancient art of Tasseography meets the convenience and accessibility of the digital age. With this unique and mystical divination practice, you can receive insightful guidance and inspiration from the comfort of your home.

Tasseography, also known as coffee ground reading, is an ancient divination practice that has captivated cultures across the globe as a means of unlocking the secrets of the past, present, and future. Our gifted and experienced Tasseographers possess intuitive abilities to interpret the patterns and symbols formed by coffee grounds left in a cup with remarkable accuracy, providing you with profound insights and empowering messages.


How It Works

* For optimal visibility of the coffee grounds’ patterns, we recommend using a white coffee cup and plate. This color provides a clean backdrop, allowing the patterns to stand out prominently and enhancing the accuracy of your reading.

  1. Capture Your Coffee Cup: Begin by taking 2-3 clear and well-lit photos, capturing all sides of your coffee cup after you have enjoyed your coffee. Ensure that the coffee grounds are visible and that the patterns are easily discernible.
  2. Capture Your Coffee Plate: If you used a separate plate to pour the coffee grounds, please take an additional photo of the plate, ensuring the camera captures its unique patterns clearly.
  3. Photo Submission: Upload your coffee cup and plate photos through our secure online platform when purchasing our service. Your images will remain confidential.
  4. Fill In The Form: Include any specific questions or areas of your life that you would like the reading to focus on. Your input will help our skilled Tasseographers provide you with a more personalized and insightful experience.
  5. Add to Cart: Place the coffee ground reading service into your cart and finalize your purchase.
  6. Intuitive Interpretation: Our skilled Tasseographers will connect with your energy and the spiritual realm to intuitively interpret the patterns and symbols present in the coffee cup photo. They will translate these insights into meaningful guidance and messages tailored uniquely to you, aiming to provide you with a deeper understanding of your past, present, and the potential paths that lie ahead.
  7. Detailed Reading Report: After the interpretation process, you will receive a detailed reading report through email (the same email used for the purchase). This report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the coffee cup photo, offering insights into various aspects of your life, including relationships, career, personal growth, and more.


Why Choose Coffee Ground Reading?

Whether you are seeking clarity in love, career, relationships, or spiritual growth, our Coffee Ground Reading Service is here to illuminate your path. Step into the mystique of Tasseography and allow the art of coffee ground reading to reveal the hidden wonders of your life’s journey. Let our gifted Tasseographers help you discover the magic within the coffee grounds and the boundless potential that awaits you.

  1. Convenience and Accessibility: Our online service allows you to experience the art of Tasseography without the need for in-person sessions. You can participate from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits your schedule.
  2. Personal Connection: Despite the virtual setting, our Tasseographers establish a genuine and intuitive connection with your energy and the patterns captured in your coffee cup photo.
  3. Meaningful Insights: The patterns within the coffee cup photos are a reflection of your unique energies and experiences, making the insights gained from the reading deeply personal and relevant.
  4. Visual Documentation: With coffee cup photos, you have a tangible record of the reading, allowing you to revisit and reflect on the guidance provided.



Please be aware that coffee cup and plate photos that lack clarity or fail to capture the coffee grounds’ patterns may affect the accuracy and interpretation of the coffee ground reading. To ensure the best possible insights and guidance, we highly recommend providing clear and well-lit images. Our Tasseographers strive to deliver the most accurate readings, and clear photos significantly contribute to the quality of our service. While we strive to provide you with accurate insights and guidance, it is crucial to understand that the image quality plays a significant role in the reading’s accuracy. Your understanding and cooperation in providing clear images will help us deliver the most meaningful and insightful coffee ground reading possible. Thank you for choosing our service, and we look forward to guiding you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


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Coffee Ground Reading

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